I got started in shelties in 1993. I used to watch Westminster Dog Show on TV with much enthusiam each year. I decided to take my first sheltie, Blue, to a fun match to see if we enjoyed it.
I did, she didn't, and after years of research it eventually lead to buying my first show puppy from Jean Simmonds of Carmylie Shelties. This resulted in not only my first champion, but a very helpful long-distance mentor, and supportive friend!

In the meantime, I had kept an brilliant girl from Blue's litter. I met a local breeder at an obedience trial in St. Pete so she could show me how to glue ears! Well...I was hooked, and knew I had to do that too, so we were off and running. That puppy ended up being my first OTCH UDX2 dog. I fell in love with obedience and to this day get severe withdrawls when we go too long without competing.

I got my feet wet in both venues with these two dogs. I've had new additions along the way and carefully bred some nice litters. With thoughtful planning, selection and the Sheltie gods sprinkling me with a bit of luck, I got exactly what I wanted with each generation. I'm very pleased with what we're producing here at Snowdove Shelties -- looks, brains, temperment and utter devotion.

In a nutshell, that's how it all started. I was lucky enough to receive much guidance and many 'chances' from people well established and respected in the breed, which was extremely instrumental getting us off to a good start.

So here we are, well into our second decade -- still kicking and looking forward to many years to come in this wonderful breed.

Dawn Kennedy
Snowdove Shelties

12-13-93 to 10-08-06
The one who started it all
UKC Ch. Shadow's Blue Fox CGC "Blue"
Dam of an OTCH UDX2 NA NAJ dog
1 UKC Grand Champion
Grandam of 1 Bahamas Champion and
3 UKC Champions, an NAJ, an RN and counting
Pictured here at 10 years young.
OTCH Shadow Dancer in Blue Genes UDX

Dawn Kennedy New Port Richey, FL

in good standing with the American Kennel Club
and member of Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club
CH Carmylie Outlaw of Sundance CD