"No one" condones animal abuse.  Humans care for animals because they have no means of taking care of themselves;  it is a human RESPONSIBLITY to care for those that cannot care for themselves.  We want them to live happy, healthy, stress-free lives, when at all possible.  (Sometimes peoples' pets live better than the people!)  Even if you don't OWN an animal, you still don't want to see someone else abusing it.  That's what good people want.

On the other hand, "animal rights" people (AR's or ARistas) say that humans are NOT higher on the evolution totem pole than animals.  To them, human beings should not have rights over animals, because we are all equal.  "A dog is a pig is a boy".  So, all animals, having the same rights as humans,  should be set free ("liberated") to fend for themselves, as humans do.  SET FREE, let them dodge traffic and hide in the woods.  Let them all find their own food, water and shelter.  They don't want humans to house them, give them food, medical treatment, or pet them.  This is why HSUS (below) does not own ONE animal shelter.  They (really) don't think we should be sheltering animals at all!!!  It is also why groups like PETA have taken disaster animals, saying they will house them and find the original owners, when those poor animals are then found by the roadside, EUTHANIZED.  Better to put them out of their misery than to search for their owners.

The CREED of the animal rights groups is NO ANIMAL USE.  No pets, no livestock, no birds, no fish, no seeing eye dogs, no police dogs, no therapy dogs, no search and rescue dogs, (no service dogs of any kind), no circuses, no rodeos, no meat production, no eggs or dairy products (they have virtually SHUT DOWN the EGG industry in Calif, because of husbandry conditions they have managed to make ignorant legislators believe) and are now going after pets), no cats, no hunting or fishing, and of course, their favorite, no medical research using animals.  While you might agree with them on one or two of these eliminations, that is NOT the issue.  The issue is that it is YOUR RIGHT to disagree.  It is YOUR RIGHT to decide if you want to hunt or fish.  It is YOUR RIGHT to decide if you want to have a nice pet or become a reputable breeder that studies and toils to make their breed better.  Who are THEY to dictate whether you should have a pet or not? 

Animals DO NOT have the same rights as people.  They have rights to be cared-for, and rights not to be abused, but they DO NOT have the right to vote!

And, NOW the ARistas have a date!!!  ELIMINATION OF ALL COMPANION ANIMAL OWNERSHIP  by the year 2050!!!
Get ready, folks, if they have their way, your kids and your kids' kids will not know what its like to pet their beloved Lassie or Tabby.   And believe me, they ARE having their way.  As we speak, almost EVERY STATE in the union is facing SOME SORT of animal restriction or mandatory edict, ultimately aimed at domestic animal elimination.  The legislation being introduced in 34 states is not only unnecessary and costly to constituents, it is downright harrassment.  The responsible breeders ALREADY spay and neuter their pets, they have agreements whereby an owner can always return one if they can't keep it for some reason.  They study EVERYTHING like nutrition, health, structure, temperament, and proper facilities, just to improve their chosen breeds.  They put their "own additions" on their Veterinarians' offices with all the money they spend.  These animals are like their KIDS in most cases, and are well-cared for because that is what they DO.  And, of course, these animals are very often beloved family members.  Would YOU like it if they suddenly passed a law that said, hey, you are the same as a DOG.  We are now going to enact MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER LAWS for HUMANS!!!!

Meanwhile, yes, we have a few rotten apples that have to spoil the pot, with crowded conditions and inadequate housing.  There are abusers that do improper things with their dogs that the majority of us would never condone.  So, have your legislators write laws that HELP SOCIETY, not singling out specific BREEDS of dogs (punish the deed, not the Breed), not singling out the breeders that TRY to do things right, and DON'T let the legislators be self-proclaimed Veterinarians.  Healthwise, what happens to your dog is between you and your Vet, it should NOT be dictated by the GOVERNMENT!!!  And, NUMBERS are not the issue - the ability to provide good conditions for the numbers housed is the issue.  Some people have the wherewithall and desire to properly keep FIFTY dogs, when the guy next door can't keep ONE properly.  Who says there is a magical number limit where good turns into bad?  The government doesn't tell you how many kids you can have (at least not YET), so how can they tell you how many dogs you can keep?  Lord knows they are NOT all-knowing, given the state of this economy!!!

The sad part is, the animal rightists use emotion to get people to send them money, show you all kinds of abuse cases, so you can help "save the animals".  In fact, they are USING your money against you, to picket and lobby and convince the misguided public, legislators and celebrities that they are fighting against animal abuse, when they are secretly aiming at the day when all domestic animals will  be incrementally eliminated from our country.  THEY LIE.  They are NOT who they say they are.   They are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Here are some great informational websites, and if you will note who the head honcho (chosen by Pres Obama, who, sadly, has not been educated on the subject) to be the overall seer of animals - be frightened!!

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